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After your purchase (assuming you already have paid the Reine Sign-Up fee), you will be assigned your ID number which will be emailed to you within 48 hours. That ID is your code for all future discounts. Print it, remember it, write it down, but don't forget to use it for all future purchases on our website.


Important: Personal Reine VIP invitations will be extended only to the person whose name is on the shipping address of the membership. Please make sure the name is the correct one. If you have any questions about Reine membership, please email us at


Welcome to the Reine Club!


Step 2. Reine Membership

Price Options
Reine Membership
Subscribe and save with all of our partners
$10.19every month until canceled
  • This membership is valid as long as the monthly payment is made. In the future, we will be charging an initial sign-up fee without a discount ($699 and up). Take advantage of our membership now.


    Membership works in two ways:

    1. As a discount card for our store and ALL our partners. The list of our partners will continue to grow.

    2. As a VIP pass to Reine Publishing events, including book signings, meet the author events, and much more. For those events, each person visiting needs their own membership card to get it.

    Membership is assigned to the purchaser's name (based on the shipping address during the placed order) and is non-transferable and non-refundable. If every family member wants to take advantage of ALL benefits, each needs to have their own membership card. 


    To cancel your membership, please email us at asking for the cancellation (provide your full name, and your email). Please provide at least 2 calendar days before your next monthly payment to ensure the cancellation in time.

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