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Some websites offer "fake" discounts. Retailers "beef up" their original price to look higher than it should be and then reach the intended price by giving a "discount". That kind of illusion is a famous trick in the retail world. Reine conducts an investigation every time it makes a deal with a partner trying to ensure that would never be a case with our partners. All prices need to be real before applying Reine discount to the bottom line. That's how we ensure that our clients get real VIP treatment and save real money.

Example. An average PR retainer is somewhere around $7,500 a month. 8% discount will provide $600 monthly savings, which would total $7,200 for the year. 

A standard video production price with the agency is $1,600 which is already a competitive price considering the exceptional quality of the Emmy-award-winning team. Our members save $128 on each video requested.

Example. An average 7-day cruise price for 2 with Carnival Corporation comes down to $2,114, with Royal Caribbean $2,450. That would provide our members with $127 and $147 savings accordingly. 

A sophisticated trip, like a honeymoon, for example, can easily run $5,000 to $10,000 with luxury ones in the $25,000 to $35,000 range. The latter one would provide an opportunity to save $2,100 for just one trip, while the former still save valuable $300 to $600.

Example. An average American spends around $1,700 to $1,900 a year on clothing. Although there are many people who spend that in a couple of store trips. Sticking to average (and we know that our members are anything but), at a $1,800 budget our member would save $216 a year on clothing. Most people buy clothes every year of their lives. If one shops for 50 years, let's say, that's almost $11,000 in savings. Reine membership will provide continuous discounts for you and your family.

We continue to work for our members in search of quality partners. Our benefits will continue to expand. We want to thank all our members for being a part of our Reine family, and we can't wait to hear more stories of not only money savings, but stories of quality products and services that our members had a chance to experience. When you can combine money in your pocket and a great experience, we feel that our mission is accomplished. 

While we don't guarantee any of the benefits to last for any specific amount of time, and Reine reserves the right to change, drop, replace any partner at any time and without notice, our goal is to build a lifelong bond with our partners and continue to provide real value to the Reine card members. 

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